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Melissa Decker Discharge Planner

Melissa was born in Baton Rouge, LA. She came into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2008. After a relapse and gods grace, she was given another chance at recovery. Once she started working in the treatment field she realized her life had a bigger purpose than she had ever imagined. Being in a position to help alcoholics day in and day out gives her life meaning and purpose. It is extremely rewarding to see a sparkle come back into a clients eyes and help show them how amazing recovery can be. She is currently pursuing her CIT certification to advance in the field as a residential counselor. She is a proud wife and mother. She enjoys teaching 12 step education, making memories with family, who were her Inspiration to get sober again, LSU football, video games and movies.


“Adversity truly introduces us to ourselves " -Bill Wilson

— Melissa Decker

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