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Jordan Dupont, CIT IOP Counselor

Jordan is a Baton Rouge native who struggled with addiction for 18 years and was a “chronic relapser” in and out of treatment centers. However, God intervened in a special way and “changed everything, about everything!”..and Jordan, just like many others, have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body.
In 2021, he made the commitment to himself and God to become recovered, learn “THE” Program of alcoholics anonymous, and to get involved in his local church Acacia where he attends and serves and still holds that promise today. After getting out of treatment, he quickly realized that the most rewarding thing he could do is help people and give away what was so freely given to him. Today, he is a counselor and mentor to many men in our program that look to him for guidance, strength, and hope. The relationships that Jordan establishes with patients allows the patient to open up, be comfortable, be themselves, and allows Jordan to give the feedback needed for long-term recovery. Jordan believes that when you put the Big Book and the Bigger Book together: it makes a person’s recover “UNSHAKEABLE!”.


"To thine own self be true and I like that new!"

— Jordan Dupont, CIT

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