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Jacques Arceneaux Director of Operations

From Welsh, LA, to Pasadena, TX, to Baton Rouge, LA. That’s the path that led Jacques Arceneaux to The Grove. Being in recovery himself, he sees The Grove as an opportunity to help change someone’s life for the better every day. Family plays a huge part in Jacques’ life. The Grove means family to him. It gives him a sense of self-worth as well as a purpose to be a part of someone’s “big picture.” Jacques has moved all over, throughout his life, and has missed out on a “family.” He has now gained that and uses it to motivate not only himself but also others he is in contact with daily. It allows him to be the best he can be, day in and day out.



The Grove is the Family that CHOOSES to love me not the one that has to love me!

— Jacques Arceneaux

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