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COMING SOON: Our 3-Phase Approach

Welcome to The Grove Recovery Center, where Recovery is Designed for You. The Grove offers all levels of substance abuse treatment from Detox, Residential, Dual-Diagnosis, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober Living. Featuring both our Ascension and Baton Rouge campuses, the staff at The Grove are here to help walk with you on your journey to recovery. By treating the client holistically, addressing the client’s medical, mental, and spiritual health, The Grove Recovery Center wants to guide you through this life-changing process. Our vision is to create a world where anyone struggling with addiction can achieve long-term recovery and FREEDOM.

Our 3-phase approach to substance abuse treatment addresses the individual needs of each of our patients. We apply the 12-steps philosophy to all aspects of life to empower our patients to successfully maintain long-term recovery. The Grove is a dual-diagnosed (co-occurring disorder) substance abuse treatment facility, treating at all levels of care along with sober living homes for both men and women.

  • 1
    Phase 1

    COMING SOON: Detox and Residential TreatmentFORMING A FOUNDATION

    Detox – Medically Managed Detoxification

    At The Grove Recovery Center’s Ascension Campus in Sorrento, Louisiana, Medically Managed Detoxification services are offered. Here, you can comfortably and safely withdraw from alcohol and other drugs while under the care of professionals. The Grove Recovery Center has a top-notch team of medical professionals that will monitor your health and safely get you to a place where you can stop the use of these dependent substances, while also beginning to dive into your new way of life in recovery. In the Detox level of care, counselors will be assigned to guide you through the beginnings of your new way of life, growing in your emotional yet empowering journey through individual and group therapy. Take your first step to FREEDOM with The Grove.


    Services available at the Detox level of care:

    Medically monitored withdrawal

    Medication-assisted therapy

    Medical team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses


    Introduction to 12 steps and recovery

    In-person AA / NA meetings

    Optional spiritual services offered

    Comfortable amenities


    Residential Treatment for alcohol or other drugs

    The Grove Recovery Center offers residential drug and alcohol treatment at its Ascension campus, featuring a beautiful and serene atmosphere to safely and comfortably recover. The Ascension campus is set on 200 acres of Louisiana-themed land with Bayou Conway running through it, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of life to start your journey in recovery. The layout includes a residence hall, common areas, classrooms, dining hall, lecture halls, and nursing station, allowing plenty of open space to soul search and resolve issues that cause alcohol and drug use. The Grove is here to help guide you to FREEDOM.


    Services offered at the Residential level of care:

    Individualized units of no more than 12 fellow clients

    Individual counseling

    Group counseling

    Most groups are gender-specific

    Dual-Diagnosis therapies

    Recovery Dynamics Education

    Recreational therapy


    Medication management

    Individualized programming

    Family therapy and programming

  • 2
    Phase 2

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Sober LivingGAINING MOMENTUM

    Continuing their journey through treatment, clients are recommended to The Grove’s Intensive Outpatient Program. Located at both our Baton Rouge and Ascension campuses, clients continue receiving therapy and healing on an outpatient basis, empowering the clients with tools to balance their newly found recovery life with their employment, families, and other responsibilities.

    In addition to Intensive Outpatient Therapy, The Grove offers optional structured sober living housing for clients to have a safe and secure place to reside. Sober living allows the client the freedom to live on their own while having the accountability and fellowship needed to succeed in their recovery. The Grove Recovery Residences are located in the Baton Rouge area, close in proximity to our main campus. Each residence is fully furnished including bedding, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, and paper goods. All of our recovery residences are gender and phase-specific. With the availability of all of The Grove’s supportive staff, your sponsor, and your fellowship, you will design an individual recovery plan. We use group meetings and encourage peer-to-peer discussion to help establish a bigger recovery community. You’re not alone in this, and we are here to help!

  • 3
    Phase 3

    Outpatient and AftercareCONTINUED GROWTH

    After successful completion of Phases 1 & 2 and graduation of IOP, clients may continue their journey with The Grove by attending weekly outpatient and aftercare groups while continuing to reside in our sober living. Clients receive long-term support and structure throughout their first six months to a year of recovery. It is through continued dedication and diligence to their newfound sober life that clients will flourish and become those men and women their families have always known they could be. At The Grove, clients can and will experience FREEDOM from active addiction and embrace their newfound life.

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Recovery starts here.

From our CEO to past patients who joined our staff, we know the struggles of addiction firsthand. Read our stories, or contact our admissions team to begin your journey now.


The Grove Recovery Center will guide you through this life-changing event through individual and group therapy.

Your counselor will safely and passionately assist you to make the very changes needed to turn your life around. Eclectic techniques will be combined to dig in and look at those difficult things that are the very cause for you to use alcohol and other drugs. While working through Phase 1, you will dive into areas safely with your clinician, uncovering solutions and answers you’ve been searching for. In addition, The Grove’s family counselor will meet with you and your family members, developing a plan to support you in your recovery and address any unhealthy patterns that have developed as a result of your substance use. Together, you, your family, and your clinicians will walk the path to FREEDOM.

Dual-Diagnosis Option

At The Grove Recovery Center’s Ascension campus, we will offer a comprehensive Dual-Diagnosis program. Separated by gender, our co-occurring group will help our staff individualize treatment for those who suffer from both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our trained professionals will help navigate the clients to be able to properly and effectively manage the individual issues that affect them so deeply and have caused their lives to get out of control. Through proper medication management, along with intensive psychoeducation and therapy, clients will begin to experience a freedom they’ve not been able to tap into before. Through recognizing the importance of treating their dually diagnosed disorders simultaneously, clients will soar to new heights and discover that they can and will recover!


The Grove utilizes the Recovery Dynamics curriculum to educate you and introduce you to the 12 steps.

Our educator will provide lectures for the clients, walking through the solutions to recover from alcohol and other drugs. By breaking down the disease into a way that can be easily grasped, Recovery Dynamics will introduce you to a 12-step solution that has helped millions of other addicts and alcoholics recover and find FREEDOM!

Other Therapies
and Amenities

In addition to psycho-educational therapy, The Grove offers recreational therapy and other lectures.

These alternate methods and topics will help assist in areas such as smoking cessation, gambling addiction, life skills, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, art therapy, music therapy, and much more. In addition, The Grove will offer an introduction to spirituality as a component of recovery, utilizing Celebrate Recovery, as well as the 12 step’s spiritual principles. No one person is the same. That’s why The Grove Recovery Center is Recovery Designed for You. These alternate therapy tools allow all clients to reach areas of their full potential and growth, allowing one to dive in to change the whole person, as recovery is not just about stopping the use of alcohol and drugs; it’s about changing your life.

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