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Our team began their journey ...

Our team began their journey in the same way as many people who now walk through our doors – as struggling alcoholics and addicts losing their grip on life. We tried all the systems, the buzzwords, the “miracle” cures. We know that doesn’t work for most people, including us. We hit rock bottom and almost gave up.

Some programs out there use shame, guilt, and regret to coerce addicts and alcoholics away from active use. What feels like progress in the bubble of time spent in a rehab facility often fades away in the real world. Recovery feels sterile, undignified, and it doesn’t last. We each found recovery in places very different from this typical model. These programs gave us hope, taught us to be humble yet proud of our accomplishments, and empowered us with tools to succeed past the confines of treatment. We reclaimed dignity among a family of peers that respected us instead of judging us.

That life-changing experience left us wondering – why doesn’t everyone get that chance? We believe, to our core, that every person deserves the chance to find freedom from the cycle of addiction. To feel proud of themselves. To enjoy life again. To know they are supported by a family of professionals and peers who accepts and understands them.

That’s why our founder created The Grove. A place for unique individuals with unique stories. A place for people who want to try a different approach. A place for those who want a future that’s free. At The Grove, we combine family comforts with proven methods to create addiction recovery programs tailored to every individual’s unique needs and life situation. At The Grove, we know that your story is unique. That’s why The Grove is Recovery Designed for You.


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