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Ben Shea, CIT IOP Counselor

Ben was born in Redondo Beach, CA on July 4, 1986 and raised in Baton Rouge, LA.  Addiction became a serious problem in his early 20s, and for a decade plus plagued his life and loved ones.  Having been mostly atheist or agnostic for nearly 15 years of life, the 12-step program provided the one answer for which he was searching for so long, which was a solution to overcoming addiction.  The solution for him was finding a higher power to believe in.  At the age of 33 after trying out life in his birth state of California for a few years, Ben returned to Baton Rouge and vowed to turn his life around.  On February 29, 2020, he returned to Baton Rouge and became clean and sober that very day. Having now 3 years of continuous sobriety, Ben has obtained his C.I.T. and has become an IOP counselor at The Grove Recovery Center.  His main goal is to help as many people as possible overcome their addiction and find a better way to live life.


"The past is history. The future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. That's why this moment is called 'the present'." - Deepak Chopra

— Ben Shea, CIT

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