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Dameon Hills, RAC, CCS IOP Counselor

Dameon Hills, a native of Baton Rouge, LA, was welcomed to the Grove Recovery Center with open arms in 2020. Initially serving as an asset on our Tech team, Dameon’s commitment to our clients wellbeing and personal growth made it only natural for him to progress on his career path. Dameon was certified as a Counselor in Training (CIT) through the Louisiana Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority (LADRA) in February 2021. With Dameon’s personal belief that “the process is more important than the product”, he is set to serve in the capacity of Residential Counselor at our Ascension campus. Dameon’s patience, calm demeanor, and excellent insight makes him a key element in working with clients first entering our doors. Dameon is currently attending Grand Canyon University to further his education in Substance Abuse and is looking forward to helping those who seek recovery find their place in the recovery community. 



You don't have to know your purpose to start living in it. I believe everyone's purpose can be found in helping others.

— Dameon Hills, RAC, CCS

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