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Grace Alello, CIT Residential Counselor

Grace Alello is a proud Louisiana transplant who loves all things spicy and southern. Having overcome her own 20-year battle with addiction, Grace sought purpose in being of service to the recovery community. Grace graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southeastern Louisiana University in December of 2021 and became certified as a CIT through the Louisiana Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority in November 2022. Grace is currently serving as a residential counselor at The Grove Ascension and plans to pursue a master’s in counseling. Grace enjoys reading novels, exercising, loving on her dogs and her family. ” If I had drawn a picture of my dream life 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful as the life I get to live today. I want to help others achieve the same dream, a life of peace, purpose, and relative happiness”.


God can do way more with your surrender than you can do with your control.

— Grace Alello, CIT

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Admissions Available 24/7

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