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June 2022 – Family Day/ Unity

Jun 4, 2022 - Jun 4, 2022

The Grove held its monthly Family Day and Unity on Friday June 3rd, 2022. On the first Friday of every month, The Grove offers a Family Day for your loved ones in Residential and Detox, including a full day of education regarding the need to treat the family as a whole with identifying Family Roles and dynamics that have developed due to the disease of addiction being present in the family. This is then followed by Family group therapy in the afternoons, allowing the families to process and begin healing.
Then, all levels of care from Detox to Residential to IOP and sober living, from both out Ascension and Baton Rouge campuses come together to fellowship and celebrate their recovery with family and friends at our monthly Unity celebration. Clients are honored and receive chips and certificates representing various lengths of clean time and success in completion of our program, proceeded by a guest speaker that shares their personal story of experience, strength and hope.

We are in awe of the fellowship and community at The Grove and are truly humbled to be a part of your loved one’s journey to recover and make themselves whole again.