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Jacob B.

My name is Jacob, I’m an alcoholic!

My Sobriety date is July 24, 2018.

I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Raised in a Southern Louisiana family, drinking for every occasion became the norm. Drinking was just what we did. I never had a problem with drinking in my teens and early adulthood, but things quickly got out of hand.

In October 2010, my foot was broken in five places, a week before I was to marry my wife. Prescribed opiates, I started to take my pain medication more than I should have, and I got hooked! I started to steal money and pills from anyone that I came in contact with. In 2014, my addiction finally caught up to me, and I was sent to a treatment center in the middle of Louisiana.

When I got out, I thought that I just had a problem with pills, so I continued to drink casually. Drinking casually quickly escalated to “having to drink” just to be able to function. My wife finally had enough of the lies and kicked me out of the house. I finally had enough of the pain and suffering. So I decided to try the Grove Recovery Center because I didn’t have anything else to lose.

That’s where I met my counselors, David, Megan, and Michael. They loved me until I could love myself. When I slipped, they welcomed me back with open arms. They taught me about my disease and what steps to take to keep that evil at bay. They are my family. I owe them my life because they helped save it when I didn’t want to.

By the Grace and Mercy of God, my wife and I are still together with our two beautiful children. We have learned how to better cope with problems as they come. The Grove has instilled in me a beautiful thing, that my wife and I are able to share with other couples that struggle with addiction. The Grove gave me the tools I needed to get my life back, and I’m eternally grateful to them.


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