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Carrie Falcon Admissions Coordinator

Carrie Falcon was born in Maurepas, LA but currently lives in Baton Rouge, LA. Carrie enjoys spending time with her family and getting to know herself sober. She’s been on her recovery journey for 15 months and works on it daily. Carrie has three beautiful daughters Devynn, Jules and Leyla, and an amazingly beautiful granddaughter Rylie. “My one goal in life is to show my daughters that no matter what you’ve been through or how far down you go, you can always come out on top and rise from the ashes.” Carrie started out with The Grove as a Behavioral Health Technician and by God’s Grace she’s moved to Admissions Coordinator and Intake Officer. “I can’t put into words how appreciative I am of The Grove and the people who run it. I never thought in a million years I’d have an opportunity at a real career.” 


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

— Carrie Falcon

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Admissions Available 24/7

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