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Andy C.

My name is Andy and I am an alcoholic.

My Sobriety date is April 18, 2018.

The story of my alcoholism began when I was in seventh grade. From the very beginning, I loved what it did for me. It gave me a feeling that I belonged and was part of. From the beginning of my using, I had issues with control. Once I started I didn’t want to stop and when I wasn’t drinking, I was fantasizing about the next time I could.

In high school I drank when I could, which was almost every weekend. The longest period I ever went without drinking was boot camp for the navy. From there, I went to the Naval Aircrewman Academy and because of the physical and academic standards, I only drank on weekends. When I graduated and got to the fleet it didn’t take me long to find the guys who drank like I liked to drink and with few exceptions, we got loaded every night.

When I got out of the navy most of my friends were experimenting with ecstasy and I loved it the 1st time I tried it. But I think I liked cocaine more because I could drink all night and still manage to go to work. But when I tried meth the 1st time I found what was going to control my life for years to come. It even took the place of alcohol as my master. It dictated where I went and who I would hang out with. I cut myself off from family and everyone who loved me. Life would have continued that way but I was arrested for possession. When my family bailed me out they told me if I didn’t go to treatment I would lose my job and they wouldn’t help me.

That’s how I got to the Grove. That’s when I met what would become my new family because the staff loved me before I could love myself. I found out that I wasn’t alone and with the 12 steps of AA I could live the life that I always wanted.


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