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The Grove Recovery Center expands to offer a Women with Children option for sober living

Nov 30, 2021

The Grove Recovery Center is excited to announce the opening of a Women’s with Children Sober living house. Whether you desire overnight visits with your child, have a custody agreement, or can have your child with you permanently, The Grove will meet your needs on a individual, case by case basis. The Grove recognizes the importance of incorporating our client’s family into their recovery plan, allowing clients to get a glimpse of how to manage recovery, work, treatment, and raising children. Many times, women have the obstacle of who to care for their children while they receive the benefits of sober living. The Grove hopes to reach those women with these added obstacles to recovery and offer them a solution. Each room in the sober living house will be customized to accommodate for children to have a bed and their own space, along with the mother experiencing the comfort of knowing they could recover and change their life while helping raise their children.

For placement and or further questions, please call our women’s Sober Living Director, Mrs. Cindy Williams @ (225) 380-6309.