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Janice Francois, CIT Residential Counselor

Janice is a lifelong resident of the City of Central in Louisiana. Her own struggles with addiction have led her to a passionate desire to help others with successful recovery. Janice understands that each person brings their own unique circumstances. Therefore, Janice listens with intent to each individual’s needs. Janice has been touching the hearts and minds of recovering addicts for over six years. Janice was thrilled to join the team at The Grove in 2022 as an IOP counselor. Janice starts and ends each day with the faithful belief that helping others will lead her to be successful in life. Her favorite saying is “Jesus take the wheel.” In her downtime, Janice enjoys spending time with family and friends. Janice is most proud of her two sons, Arlen and Hayden.




Jesus take the wheel.

— Janice Francois, CIT

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