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"Living in Recovery"
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"Living in Recovery" Program

While many sober living homes merely provide a place to live, The Grove’s “Living in Recovery” transitional sober living program includes a comprehensive array of services and supports that reduce the risk of relapse and help individuals build happy and fulfilling lives.

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The Grove Homes

The Grove homes provide a family like environment and are conveniently located in nice neighborhoods throughout Baton Rouge and Ascension Parish. Every home is fully furnished with all kitchen essentials and have relaxing outdoor areas.

The Grove's "Living in Recovery" Program Includes:

Safe and Drug-Free Enviroment

The Grove homes provide a safe and drug-free space, minimizing triggers and temptations that may lead to relapse. To ensure this, residents are required to take regular drug test.

Outpatient Treatment

Residents are required to participate in an outpatient treatment program that provides professional treatment and support in order to help individuals address issues that have contributed to their substance abuse.

Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Program directors, staff and house leaders provide guidance, accountability, and resources to aid residents in their recovery journey.

Independent Living Skills

It helps individuals build a strong foundation for sustained recovery by developing life skills such as gaining and maintaining employment, cooking, budgeting, self-care, healthy relationships and much more.

Support Groups

Residents are required to actively participate in a12-Step based recovery program in the community help them enhance their recovery and develop a network of support. Residents are required to have a sponsor and be actively working steps.

Recovery Education

Grove staff and community experts lead educational classes and activities on a variety of topics related to recovery, mental wellness and personal development.

Peer Support

Residents support each other in their common goal of maintaining sobriety, creating an environment where individuals support each other through challenges and celebrate successes.

Unity Events

Residents regularly participate in a variety of fun and uplifting events with the residents from other houses, community members and Grove staff.