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One Counselor’s Story

Feb 7, 2022

The Grove Recovery Center has been blessed to be able to meet with one of our counselors and film a powerful testimonial about his rise in his career. Tom Brady began his journey with the Grove over three years ago, with a start like so many, as a client. There he did what he was supposed to do, pause and listen, so that maybe this was a chance for him to change his life. And that he did. He stuck with it, growing and changing. And the Grove took notice, giving him a job as a behavioral health tech while allowing him to also manage a sober living house. Tom took this chance and ran with it, showing leadership and determination. Again the Grove took notice and promoted him to our Admissions team. There Tom shined, being able to be on the frontlines with those who are suffering and reaching out for a change. Tom was able not only to lend an ear to listen, but offer his story and growth in recovery as an inspiration. It was then Tom reached out to the owner and director, Ms. Denise, and expressed that he wanted to take a shot at counseling. Of course, the Grove is always excited to foster more growth in their employee’s careers, loving to watch beautiful stories and lives emerge from a once struggling man to now a strong man in recovery. From there, Tom gained his CIT and was given a chance at counseling an IOP group at our Baton Rouge campus, where he grew as a clinician and a person. Three years later, Tom is now one of our dedicated Residential Counselors at our Sorrento campus, giving hope and inspiration to clients just as he was given from the beginning. What a beautiful journey to watch! Enjoy this powerful clip where Tom tells his story.